About us

Brooklyn Electric Licensed Electricians are well known electrical contractors in Brooklyn, NY. As a leading company in this business we are proud to say that we are fully licensed, insured and bonded electricians with a lot of experience. Our work is not only wires and bulbs. It takes a lot of courage and responsibility to work as an electrician. Most of the time our profession includes standing around and working with high voltage. Because of the danger that is hiding in our job, there are not so many professionals in our business. There are many people that really do not know what their doing and how to do it right. We at Brooklyn Electric Licensed Electricians know that valuing the life is one of the most important things that must be consider.

When our clients call us sometimes they want us to put some special light effects for their parties and events. This light effects involve many and different techniques and preparations. Our electricians know what responsibility is to create and maintain such things and always guarantee the safety of everybody.

If you have any problems with the lights in your home, Brooklyn Electric Licensed Electricians is the right electrical contractor for you. We can replace any bulbs no matter what kind they are. If there are any serious problems like something that is not right with your wires, we can send you an electrician for the work. Our residential electricians will take care of your problems no matter how big is your building. We are available 24/7, do not hesitate to call us.

You can contact us at (718) 285-8683

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